.177 Pellets - Assorted - 1000 Count
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Brand: Gamo
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  • The Gamo Combo Pack 1000 Assorted .177 Caliber Hunting Pellets include Magnum, Masterpoint, Hunter, and Match
  • The pointed tip of the Magnum increases the penetration and the double ring design aids in the mushroom effect on impact.
  • The aerodynamic design of the Master point concentrates mass to provide more accuracy at longer distances, and the pointed tip increases penetration on small game.
  • Due to the heavier weight and dome configuration of the Hunter, this pellet performs with terrific impact, even with long distance shots.
  • Match is a precision pellet. A relatively light weight and flat head that cuts targets cleanly makes this pellet tops for shooters wanting tight groups.

The pack includes:

  • Secure and easy-to-open tin with screw cap
  • 250 Pack of .177 Caliber 7.6 Grain Weight Hunter Pellets
  • 250 Pack of .177 Caliber 7.6 Grain Weight Magnum Pellets
  • 250 Pack of .177 Caliber 7.6 Grain Weight Master Point Pellets
  • 250 Pack of .177 Caliber 7.6 Grain Weight Match Pellets

Shoot straight and true. With these multiple types of lead .177 pellets you will seldom miss your target and good news is that they keep your gun much clean; no leaks, no spills. Their reinforced structural build give them great knock down power, enhances their accuracy and allow them to strike at full tilt with less ballistic drag.

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)