91 Walkabout Walking Stick

Brand: Cold Steel
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The Iconic Walking Stick Has A Much Deserved Place In History. After All, Every Culture Has Their Own Classic Interpretation Of The Quintessential Walking Stick. The Walking Stick Is So Much More Than Just An Aid To Stability For The Injured, Ill Or Infirm. As Any Hiker Or Outdoorsman Will Tell You, It’s Also An Excellent Tool For Traversing Rough, Slippery, Uneven And Treacherous Terrain, A Useful Pointer Or Probe – And In Dire Straits It Makes A Capable Self-Defense Option! The Latest Incarnation Of This Popular Design Is Made From Tough, Durable And Highly Impact Resistant Polypropylene. Unlike Wood, Our Polymer Is Extremely Weather Resistant, And Withstands Inclement Conditions That Would Cause Conventional Sticks To Crack, Warp Or Rot. Its Handsome Wood Grain Texture Provides An Excellent Grip Without Sacrificing Comfort Or Ease Of Use, And It’s Simple One-Piece Polypropylene Construction Makes It Deceptively Tough While Still Remaining Light Enough To Carry And Use All Day!


Weight: 26.1 oz.
Overall: 38 1/2"
Head: 2 1/3"
Shaft: 1 1/2" to 1"