Benchmade 1100 Titanium Tactical Pen - Wholesale
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Brand: Benchmade
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There will be no more accidentally losing your cheap plastic pens when you have got the Benchmade Titanium Tactical Pen clipped securely on your belt. The deep carry clip on the cap of the pen has a BP-1 stainless finish for secure fastening ability. The titanium finish has been anodized for increased durability and wear resistance. Tactical pens are used by emergency responders and tactical forces around the world. With the Benchmade Titanium Tactical Pen you can now own this valuable tool. The titanium is lightweight and doesn't sacrifice strength for when you need it most. The ballpoint pen works in any environment, including underwater, zero gravity or upside down.

Best Use:Self-Defense, TacticalSelf-Defense, Tactical
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