Cold Steel Rajah III 3.5 Inch Blade Folding Knife
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Brand: Cold Steel
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The Kukri's best attributes and enormous potential as a weapon and a tool have been well documented in our DVD’s. We've made different variations of the Kukri over the years, some with longer blades, and some with shorter, but never, until now, have we had a version you could carry in your pocket as a folder.

The Rajah folders, designed by Andrew Demko, are big enough to approximate the feel and heft a fixed blade Kukri. Their broad, downward curved blades exhibit the best of a Kukri's characteristics. First, their unique shape presents their thin, hollow ground edges at just the right angle so they naturally bite deep instead of bouncing or skidding off. And secondly their points are thick, wide and sharp enough to pierce even the toughest targets.

The handle has some of the contours of fixed blade Kukri's with the addition of strategically placed curves and finger grooves. These features will facilitate 3 grip styles. One - very close to the cutting edge where you can really choke up on the handle for finer work. Two – by the middle for ordinary chores. And three – near the end or butt where you will have the most leverage and weight forward balance for heavy cutting or chopping and where you will receive maximum reach advantage.


  • Blade Length: 3 1/2"
  • Blade Thickness: 4 mm
  • Overall Length:8 3/8"
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Handle: 4 7/8" Griv-Ex
  • Steel: Cartpenter CTS BD1 Alloy w/ Stone Wash Finish

Blade Length:3.5 inch3.5 inch
Handle Length:4.875"4.875"
Handle Material:Griv-ExGriv-Ex
Best Use:Everyday CarryEveryday Carry
Blade Finish:StonewashStonewash
Blade Style:KukriKukri
Blade Thickness:0.157"0.157"
Options:Plain EdgeSerrated Edge