Cold Steel Talwar CTS-XHP Steel Folding Knife
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Brand: Cold Steel
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During the 1800's the British Empire was Hell bent on gobbling up as much of the Indian sub-continent as they could, seizing dominion with massive fire power and the point of the bayonet. But when the British attempted to subdue the sikhs and other martial clans they received a very Rude awakening! suddenly soldiers and cavalrymen alike began literally losing their heads - not to mention their arms and legs- to a fearful indo-persian sword called the talwar! with it's razor sharp broad, curved blade it stopped the British cold in many battles and inflicted unheard of losses and the most ghastly wounds imaginable. Now, almost two hundred years later Cold Steel has harnessed the fearsome cutting power of one of the world's most renowned swords in a Tactical folder that we believe is truly worthy of the name talwar.

Blade Length:5.5 inch5.5 inch
Handle Length:7.25"7.25"
Handle Material:G-10G-10
Best Use:HuntingHunting
Blade Finish:SatinSatin
Blade Style:Trailing PointTrailing Point
Blade Thickness:0.16"0.16"
Options:Plain EdgeSerrated Edge