Condor Vanquish Armor System (Black)
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The Condor Vanquish Armor System is a versatile plate carrier system designed to be customized to meet the needs of the operator. With our 'On-the-go' design, customization is the key to this vest's success. The base vest is a compact, low profile platform that goes unnoticed under a loose fit jacket. With the ability to add various accessories, the platform can be configured quickly to meet the operator's needs in the field. Accepts Medium or Large ESAPI plates up to 260.3 mm (10.25 inches) x 336.5 mm (13.25 inches).


Material: nylon
Size: adjustable from 863.6 mm - 1.27 m (34 inches - 50 inches)
Colour: black

Package Includes: Condor Vanquish Armor System (Black)