Condor Zephyr Lightweight Down Jacket
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The Condor Zephyr Black Jacket features thick down and feather insulation to keep you warm in harsh weather environments. The down material creates warm air pockets inside the jacket to maintain consistent heat over long periods. The hand pockets can also be used as a pouch to compactly store the jacket when not in use.

Why choose this jacket:

  • Quilted style provides even insulation throughout the jacket
  • Handwarmer pockets can also be used as storage for the jacket
  • The down material makes the jacket compact
  • Elastic cuffs fit snugly around your wrists
  • Waistband is adjustable with a draw cord

Why not?

  • Jacket will lose its down and feathers over time
  • Only offered in black

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Pro Tip:
A down jacket is a jacket that has been filled with soft feather and down to create a warm shell. This insulation works by trapping warm air pockets in between the material. These jackets can be easily stored due to their lightweight materials.