Dan Wesson Black 2.5 Inch Low Power CO2 Revolver
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The Dan Wesson Airsoft Revolver 2.5" Black is a must-have airgun for the airsoft field. The low power pistol has an initial velocity of 328, making it fully field-legal for competitions and skirmishes. The adjustable rear sight ensures that shots are fired with accuracy, while the speed-loader makes it easy to cut down on reloading time. Authentic replica comes with 6 power-down cartridges.

Why choose this gun?

  • Low power revolver meets airsoft field requirements
  • Rear sight adjusts for accuracy
  • Hefty metal revolver feels great in hand
  • Ergonomic grip design for comfortable handling
  • Comes with speed-loader for quick reloads
  • Fully licensed replica

Why not?

  • Lacks a hop-up system
  • Low firing velocity

Pro Tip:
A speedloader is a fixture that allows you to load multiple bullets into a chamber at the same time. The bullets are all placed into the circular device (for revolvers) and then pushed simultaneously into all the available slots. The speedloader is a fun tool that with proper use and practice can make the shooter proficient in cutting down reloading to shooting time.