Gear Stock Butterfly Knife Trainer
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Brand: Gear Stock
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The Gear Stock Butterfly Knife trainer allows you to practice butterfly flip tricks without the risk of personal injury. It features a full-metal construction to provide a realistic weight and feel. The cutting edge has been blunted to ensure safe training sessions.

Package Includes: Gear Stock Butterfly Knife Trainer

Blade Length:3.7 inch3.7 inch3.7 inch3.7 inch3.7 inch3.7 inch
Handle Length:5.1"5.1"5.1"5.1"5.1"5.1"
Best Use:TrainingTrainingTrainingTrainingTrainingTraining
Blade Style:Blunt-TipBlunt-TipBlunt-TipBlunt-TipBlunt-TipBlunt-Tip
Blade Thickness:0.16"0.16"0.16"0.16"0.16"0.16"