Gletcher GLNGT Steel BB .177 Caliber Metal Air Revolver

Brand: Gletcher
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  • Gletcher NGT Belgian Nagant revolver
  • Black finish
  • Repeater
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 7rd BB cylinder
  • Full-metal body
  • Double- and single-action
  • Fixed front and rear sights
  • 5.50 lbs. trigger-pull in single-action, 8.80 lbs. trigger-pull in double-action
  • Textured grips
  • Includes 7 realistic cartridge shells (each holds 1 steel BB)

In single-action mode, we got a high of 403 fps with Daisy zinc-plated steel BBs, with an average of 390 fps. In double-action (using Daisy BBs), we got a high of 396 fps, with an average of 386 fps. Gletcher indicates a velocity of 328 fps on their box and 360 fps in their manual.

Fantastically realistic copy of the revolver used in wars by Russian and later Soviet Union soldiers. The firearm was designed by Belgians Leon and Emile Nagant. The Tsarist Russian army used it as a sidearm -- until the Soviet revolution, when USSR military adopted the revolver.

If you're a history aficionado and like sidearms that are extremely close copies of the firearms, then you MUST get this revolver. The realistic cartridge shells are just part of the realism. The way they're loaded -- singly through a loading gate (no speedloader!) -- is part of their charm. That's how soldiers reloaded their revolvers in the heat of battle. Even if historical charm isn't that interesting to you, this revolver will excite you in many ways.

Steel BBs can ricochet. The shooter and everyone in the shooting area should wear safety glasses when a gun is being handled (even if it's unloaded). Remember to remove all pets from the area, as rebounding ammo can hit them, too. Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects (including metal targets) or water, as that increases the chance of ricochet.

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
FPS:300 to 350
Ammo:Steel BB
Power Source:Co2
Trigger Action:Double/Single
Front Sight:Blade
Rear Sight:Fixed
Material:Full Metal