JeffTron Leviathan Drop-In Programmable Airsoft MOSFET Module for Scorpion Evo
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  • Easy installation inside the gearbox version ASG EVO 3 A1. No modifications is needed in the gun or Leviathan - EVO3
  • Compatible with Scorpion EVO 3 - A1, Scorpion EVO 3 - A1 B.E.T., Scorpion EVO 3 - A1 carbine with gearbox gen.1, version 2018 and version 2020. Compatible with stock and CNC trigger
  • Installation ARL Mode: with anti reverse latch you can use precocking, lower level active brake and DSG gears
  • It uses micro switch actuated by sector gear for perfect semi and burst fire timing. Thanks to advanced electronics, Leviathan - EVO 3 can be used with any common gearbox upgrade and gun rate of fire
  • Completely made wiring allows the fastest and the easiest installation into the gun, it is long enough for all kind of weapons with battery placed in the front. No soldering is needed
  • There are high quality wires 1,5 qmm (AWG16) with thin and hard MPPE insulation. Wire outer diameter is only 2,06 mm. Board is covered by conformal coating, it protect Leviathan - EVO3 against water
  • Specified for common batteries up to 17V (Ni-xx 8.4 - 12V, lipol 7.4 - 14.8V)
  • With active braking ON piston isn't partially stretched, spring is fully released, parts in mechabox aren't under strain and nozzle locks hop-up chamber in greater part (depends on ROF)