Maple Leaf Autobot Hop-Up Bucking For WE-Tech/Tokyo Marui Gas Gun
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Brand: Gear Stock
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Designed for WE, Tokyo Marui and KJ Works GBB airsoft guns, this all new Maple Autobot Hop-Up Bucking features a high quality pressure seal that reduces power loss and stabilizes the BB trajectory, enhancing your guns’ output.


  • Slightly narrow entrance for better sealing to achieve more consistent power output
  • C-Clip to enhance lip stiffness for further sealing
  • Special pressure point geometry reduces inconsistency between shots for more predictable trajectory
  • Suitable for Marui / KJ GBB Pistols and VSR-10 compatible air cocking rifles
  • Compatible with old style WE-Tech gas blowback pistol or rifles


  • Manufacturer: Maple Leaf
  • Hardness: Available in 60 degree/ 80 degree
  • FPS compatibility: 60degrees: 295-390 FPS/ 80 degree: 480 FPS or higher
  • Material: Rubber

Options:50 Degree80 Degree