Ontario H.E.S.T. Original 3 Inch Knife

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The H.E.S.T. Original is designed by DPx Gear owner, Robert Young Pelton. Ontario H.E.S.T. Knife Specifications H.E.S.T. Overall Length: 7.625" H.E.S.T. Blade Material: 1095 Tempered Steel H.E.S.T. Carry System: MOLLE Compatible Sheath H.E.S.T. Blade Finish: Black Powder Coating H.E.S.T. Cutting Edge: 3.125" H.E.S.T. Handle Thickness: 5/8" H.E.S.T. Other Features: Pry Bar, Wire Breaker, Opener/Holder The Pull-the-DOT snaps are heavy duty, with a three sided locking snap fastener that is designed to withstand extreme pressure on three sides without unlocking. The sheath is also designed with a tension screw so you can adjust how tight you would like the sheath to hold the knife. The H.E.S.T. Knife includes a Molle Compatible Kydex Sheath - Made in the USA.