Outdoor Edge SwingBlade Knife (Orange)

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Push the lock button and the SwingBlade® changes from a drop-point skinner to the ultimate gutting blade to open game like a zipper! Guides and professional hunters around the world prefer Outdoor Edge’s signature gutting blade because it cuts underneath the skin without cutting hair, and the blunt tip prevents punctured internal organs that can spoil fresh game meat. The 3.6” Japanese AUS-8 blade is precisely heat treated and hand finished shaving-sharp for superior edge retention and performance. The rubberized TPR handle ensures a non-slip grip, even when wet, and is ergonomically shaped to eliminate fatigue during long use. Available in black, blaze-orange or hot-pink, and as a knife/saw combo set (SwingBlade-Pak). The blaze-orange handle is easy to spot on the ground, saving valuable time in the field while preventing loss. The SwingBlade comes complete with a nylon belt sheath.


Blade Material: Aichi AUS-8 Stainless
Handle Material: TPR
Overall Length: 211 mm (8.3 inches)
Skinning Blade Length: 90 mm (3.6 inches)
Gutting Blade Length: 81 mm (3.2 inches)
Weight: 205 g (7.2 ounces)
Sheath: nylon

Package Includes: Outdoor Edge SwingBlade Knife (Orange)