Umarex RWS R10 Match Plus Pellets
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Brand: RWS
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A leading supplier of airgun pellets, RWS continues to develop high-quality and innovative products. The R10 Pellets are part of RWS’ premium line, designed for competitions and elite shooting. They are made with high precision manufacturing and undergo intensive testing before entering the package. Consistent in weight and size, these pellets will guarantee accurate shots every time.


Type: Pellet Ammo
Weight: 8.2 grains (0.53 grams)
Caliber: 4.5mm (0.177)
Quantity: 500

Package Includes: 5 packs x 100 pellets Umarex RWS R10 Match Plus Pellets

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Options:5 Pack