Siphon Rocket 3 Blade Expandable Arrow - No Band

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This insanely sharp mechanical broadhead produces a large 1-¾ cutting diameter starting with the bone crushing stainless steel tip and ending with three razor-sharp 0.035” stainless steel blades. The internal blade locking mechanism provides reliable blade retention and prevents the blades from prematurely deploying. Expect field point accuracy and reliability with every shot from the Siphon Broadhead


  • Large 1-¾ cutting diameter
  • Three razor-sharp 0. 035” stainless steel blades produce a large 1-1/4” cutting diameter
  • Internal blade locking mechanism holds and prevents blades from prematurely depolying
  • Bone crushing stainless steel tip for superior penetration
  • Three razor-sharp 0.035” stainless steel blades
  • Field point accuracy and reliability with every shot