SOG Black Oxide Leather Sheath PowerLock EOD with C-4 Spike

Brand: SOG Knives
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SOG B69-L EOD PowerLock 2.0 w/C-4 Spike Multi-Tool, Black Oxide, Leather Pouch, Black SOG is well positioned to efficiently and professionally service its growing list of customers, while preserving the SOG traditions of product quality, innovation, and strength of brand. SOG EOD multipurpose tools feature the only Compound Leverage blasting cap crimper, making crimping so much easier. Unlike all other designs, the crimper jaws are mounted on the opposite side of the plier head, inside the handles, allowing for an uninterrupted plier jaw and minimizing crimper/plier breakage. Now included with the EOD 2.0 is the new fuse well spike that doubles as a glass breaker, industrial scribe, marlin-spike or center punch.