Specna Arms EDGE SA-E10 PDW Airsoft Rifle Gun
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Specna Arms EDGE ™ series (licensed and deeply engraved by Rock River Arm) are replicas crafted with utmost care to cover every technical and visual aspect to dominate the market at exceptionally low cost and high quality. What’s new? Featuring a brand-new ORION gearbox with reinforced shells and internal parts, the replicas come straight out of the box ready for immediate use and further tuning. They are compatible with LIPO and LIFE battery and feature anti-scratch nano coating. This series is integrated with X-ASR mosfet system (by GATE polish manufacturer) which ensure safety of the components, improves the trigger response and give electronic and battery more durability by spotting damage cells or bad connection in cables. Adapt your gun’s power to your needs and activity with the ESA™ Quick Spring Change System. Quickly change your main spring without the need to disassemble your gun. You are also able to alternate your muzzle velocity with an extra M90 spring that come with the set. Shoot safely and accurately at any range. A Rotary type hop up with 6.03mm tight bore barrel enable you to shoot repeated shots with more stable variation of BB spin. It is not all. Access your replica’s system motor without any tools with a QD pistol grip. Easy to use, easy to upgrade, durable and versatile, a series designed to meet expectations of even the most demanding players.

Why buy this gun?

  • X-ASR MOSFET system by the known GATE brand.
  • ORION gearbox which is an upgrade compared to the CORE series
  • the ESA™ Quick Spring Change System
  • Models come with two Mid-Cap-S-MAG magazines
  • QD pistol grip
  • Why not?

  • More likely to cover medium ranges
  • Heavier in weight than the CORE series