Spyderco Chokwe Black G-10 PlainEdge - Wholesale
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Knives as essential tools exist in every culture on earth. Their shape and style dictated by their people's needs, be those agricultural, spiritual or self preserving. Certainly ethnic styles of cutlery have been lost to history but many designs are still today used and revered in their respective cultures. Taking those individual designs and adding a "Spyderco touch" is the core of Spyderco's Ethnic Series folders -- most recently the Chokwe.The Chokwe people live in the Zambia/Democratic Republic of Congo region of Central Africa. Primarily agricultural, they are gatherers, fishermen and hunters. Highly positioned in their society are blacksmiths who craft fixed blade knives for daily use in feeding, harvesting and protecting their communities. Spyderco's new Chokwe folder is patterned off a historic fixed-blade, keeping true to the triangular shaped blade and coffin-shaped handle. The blade is CPM-S30V blade steel and ground flat. The handle is black G-10 with bored-out handle holes reducing overall weight and creating holes for attachment to a long handle or pole, (think spear). Full length internal liners reinforce the Reeve Integral Linerlock. Metal hourglass clip carries the knife tucked in the pocket for tip-up right-hand carry. There is nothing on the modern market like it.