SOL Scout Emergency Survival Kit
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Priorities in a survival situation: escape the elements, stay warm, and signal rescuers so you're easy to find. The Scout has you covered on all fronts: a heat-reflective 2-person survival blanket provides warmth and shelter from wind, rain, and snow; the one-hand operable Fire Lite striker and waterproof tinder produce multiple campfires; a 100dB Slim Rescue Howler whistle and Rescue Flash signal mirror with retro-reflective aiming aid make it easy for you to signal your position to rescuers; a compass, duct-tape and fishing/sewing kit round out the package. A professional-grade RF-welded waterproof bag keeps contents dry in any conditions.


Dimensions: 95 mm (3.75 in) x 152 mm (6 in) x 25 mm (1 in)
Weight: 153 g (5.4 oz)

Package Includes: 2 in x 50 in duct tape roll, liquid-filled button compass, fire striker, tinder, fishing and sewing kit, signal mirror, 96 in x 60 in survival blanket, whistle, waterproof pouch