Tactical Pen - NTP20 - Titanium

Brand: Nitecore
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The NTP20 is a dedicated tool for self-defense, daily writing, life-threatening situation or tactical application. Tungsten steel tip serves as a glass breaker to smash windows, an effective tool in close quarter combat as well as a marker on almost all kinds of materials.The TC4 titanium alloy construction features lightweight, solidity, non-toxic, impact and corrosion resistance, rendering the NTP20 sturdy enough to double as a self-defense weapon. Integrated a full tungsten tapered tip for emergency escape/lifesaving attempts. Tungsten Steel, which is remarkable for its robustness, can be used to cut metal. The hardness of tungsten steel is measured by the Rockwell scale (89-92.5HRA), ranks only second to the hardness of diamond.As reliable as the NTP20, the Schneider gel ink refill shines its ability to write whenever and wherever, even in the swaying car/plane, extreme hot or cold weather. And it is characterized by quick-drying, waterproof and fade-resistant writing.