WE Airsoft G Series Magazine (50rd)
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This magazine is for the G17 G18C G23 / SAI-17. It will also work for ISCC M-22 and other shorter hand-grip models but the magazine will extend over the grip. (In which can be covered by a fitted sleeve for some models). *For the G-series, the longer magazine will always work on shorter hand-grip pistol models. Hence the 17/18C length, or the 50 round G-series magazine, will work on all the models that take shorter magazines.

Cybergun LE/MIL G series / G17 G17 G18C and other compatible Pistols derived from the Tokyo Marui system
Socom Gear / Lone Wolf series.
ISSC Austria M22 / M-22 series.
ZEV custom models.
APS ACP / Carbine SMG.
And other Tokyo Marui / WE-Tech systems derived compatible gas pistols.

Buy the gun: ACR22447

Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)
Power Source:Green Gas