Zero Tolerance Bayonet 7-1/2 Inches Ranger Green Fixed Blade Knife - Wholesale

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The ZT-9 could well be the strongest production knife on the face of the earth. At a full ¼ inch wide, the full-tang ZT-9 blade is thicker than standard bayonet blades. But the real difference is the quality of the steel—S30V. For all-around performance, S30V is the state-of-the-art in high-end stainless steel. Tough. Wear resistant. Yet sharpens easily. For storage—or when you’re using the ZT-9 as a field knife—there’s a high-impact polymer sheath with ballistic-nylon harness. This versatile sheath can be worn in the drop-down position, on a belt, or attached using the built-in slots. The ZT-9 is the result of the latest collaboration between Zero Tolerance Knives and Strider Knives—two companies dedicated to the finest in military and professional-duty knives.